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Examples of several products that have been realised for Normex Medical valued customers. To demonstrate the knowledge and capabilities of Normex as well as the operation level.

Calibration wires
Calibration wires to establish the minimal width of a hypo tube or angioplasty needles. Extremely thin diameters of 0.2mm working with tolerance levels of bellow ± 1 µm form a real challenge here.

Hypotube & Angioplasty Needles
Parts to automatically assemble hypotubes for Angioplasty Needles, a process in which Normex Medical accounts for both design and production. We work with a complex composition of four concentric guidance shells, all with specific characteristics and a thickness of a mere 0.06 mm.

Churgical wires
Churgical wires are designed to insert stents, as with the calibration wires and Angioplasty Needles we are working with extremely fine diameters. The surface quality is extremely important in these tools.

Guidance wires
Guidance wires are designed for Angioplaty needles. The titanium thred has a diameter of merely 0.18mm, where the tip is only 0.09mm thick.

To suffice the special demands in accuracy and product size Normex is proud owner of adequate machineries. Besides capabilities such as flat-smoothening.
Product showcase
To demonstrate the Normex knowledge, capabilities and operating level here are several illustrations of products that are produced by Normex FMI.

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