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  17 sept : New website Normex BV
  Today we celebrate both the launch of the new Normex FMI website as well as the launch of the new Normex....


Within the Normex B.V. Normex Medical is fully focussed on the medical sector, a sector with its own character and specific needs. If possible even more then elsewhere in this sector it is all about extreme skill of the worker. Concerning roughness, straightness and measurements the sector is very precise and tolerances of ± 1 µm happen more often than not. Normex understands that demands on the reliability of products in this sector are the highest around. This means every delivery is guided by an elaborated measurement rapport which contains product qualities and make conditions. In general the medical sector means composed products or even complete machinery or parts of machinery.

The medical industry is a sector where the boundaries of what is physically possible are searched. Within Normex Medical especially the difficult materials are used in processes such as corrosion-resistant steel and titanium. Besides this more common materials such as steel, aluminium and industrial plastics are used.

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To suffice the special demands in accuracy and product size Normex is proud owner of adequate machineries. Besides capabilities such as flat-smoothening.
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To demonstrate the Normex knowledge, capabilities and operating level here are several illustrations of products that are produced by Normex FMI.

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