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The Fine Mechanical Industry branch is the area on which Normex BV has been excelling for the last thirty years. To be precise Normex BV has been active since 1974. The company has set a name for itself by exploring and crossing the boundaries of the technically possible.

Especially in the areas where the need for accuracy rises and the margins of the products to work with slink. A repeated accuracy less then 1 µm is nothing new for Normex BV. Most Normex activities take place around 3mm (0,1181 in) in size, the absolute bottom peak is 0,1mm (0,0039 in).

To be able to realise this, high demands are asked from both machinery as the skill of the Normex BV employees. In the workshop the technique of smoothening (flat-, round-, centre-, off centre- and profile smoothening) dominates the work process added by techniques as turning, milling (by a mill cutter). Normex BV is one of the pioneers in laser welding, a technique that fits in the Normex quest towards the assembly of lose components into complete machinery and modulations. Normex is capable offering customers the absolute summit concerning service and added value. The company mission is to control the entire production process from sawing to packing the goods. Besides manufacturing both composed and non-composed products Normex also is a significant player in the research and development process of new innovative products. Particularly in the high-ends of the market where demands in accuracy and reliability are on their summit. Normex finds it a challenge to work together with the customer to find solutions for un-common problems. Hence Normex BV takes on the entire development process.

The level on which Normex BV competes does not only require the maximum effort of the machineries, but as mentioned earlier also the maximum effert of the Normex BV employees in their skills, creativity and commitment. To be able to perform on this level employees are educated by specialists which happens in-Normex-house for the lion share. Normex is convinced that the difference between success and failure on this level is the skill of the employees.

There are currently ten employees active within the Normex BV company which has an ISO 9001/2000 certification. To meet the customers’ needs to the fullest and to suffice the different markets the Normex BV is divided in Normex Fine Mechanical Industrie and Normex Medical.

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To suffice the special demands in accuracy and product size Normex is proud owner of adequate machineries. Besides capabilities such as flat-smoothening.
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