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  17 sept : New website Normex BV
  Today we celebrate both the launch of the new Normex FMI website as well as the launch of the new Normex....


Within the Normex BV company Normex Fine Mechanical Industries (Normex FMI) is the specialist concerning Fine Mechanical components and compositions for a wide variety of markets. Commissions may vary from smoothening to entirely annealed and chromed compositions for the biggest players within their respected markets. Normex FMI customers’ are to be found in various markets amongst others commercial and non commercial flight industry, space-astronautics industry, car industry, machine industry, hydraulic industry and ICT-industry. The Normex FMI customers might seem a diverse group.

However they are bonded by their demands in extremely high accuracy and surface quality. Besides the high direct technical demands, Normex BV values short processing time and reliability of deliverance. Materials used within processes vary from common steel, corrosion-resistant steel and aluminium to titanium, copper, messing and industrial plastics.

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To suffice the special demands in accuracy and product size Normex is proud owner of adequate machineries. Besides capabilities such as flat-smoothening.
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To demonstrate the Normex knowledge, capabilities and operating level here are several illustrations of products that are produced by Normex FMI.

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